If you previously connected an In-house warehouse within Skubana, then you’ll need to configure your “Document Print Settings”. These settings allow you to customize the orientation and print options for shipping labels, packing slips and pick lists.

To begin, go to the Settings module and click “Warehouses” on the left-hand navigation. You should see all of your integrated warehouses here.

Click on the wrench icon on the right side of your In-house warehouse, then click “Document Print Settings”.

The first tab that appears will be titled “Shipping Labels”. You may edit two sections, including:

Once done, move onto the “Packing Slips” tab. Similar to the previous section, there are two sections available for editing, including:

Finally, move onto the “Pick Lists” tab. In this section, there are a variety of customizable options for consideration, including:

Once completely done, click “Save Changes”. Repeat this process for every in-house warehouse you have until completion.

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