Postal Zones are assigned by USPS based on the distance a mail piece travels from the origin to its destination address. The postal zones can help you easily decipher the cost and time the mail piece will take to arrive at its destination. By default, the zone will be available as a column on the Orders module called Zone. There you can sort by Postal Zone, and apply bulk actions to those orders. 

If you don't see the column, you can navigate into the bottom left hand corner of the Orders grid to choose the columns to include or exclude from the grid. 

Zones and Distances as stated by the USPS

1 - Non-local zones within a 50-mile radius of the point of origination

2 - 51 to 150 mile radius

3 - 151 to 300 mile radius

4 - 301 to 600 mile radius

5 - 601 to 1000 mile radius

6 - 1001 to 1400 mile radius

7 - 1401 to 1800 mile radius

8 - 1801 miles and over

9* - ZIP Codes Assigned For Exceptional Network Circumstances **

Postal Zone Orderbot Filter

You can utilize Postal Zones to automate repetitive tasks such as setting shipping service or warehouse selection.

  1. Navigate to the Settings Module and into the Orderbots tab.
  2. Create a New Orderbot and set the filter as Postal Zone. From there, you can create filters comparing the Order to USPS Postal Zones 1-9.
  3. Then add an automatic action of your choosing to apply to Orders that qualify. For example, you could use "Apply cheapest rate" or "Apply best rate".
  4. Click Save.

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