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Add a Label
Add an internal note

Add Order Item to Order
Add note to the buyer
Adjust the order weight

Allow Saturday delivery (UPS/Fedex)

Allow shipper release (UPS)
Append return label to outbound label
Apply best rate
Apply cheapest rate
Apply split order by available stock
Apply split order by product label
Assign domestic backup warehouse
Assign to a user
Bill duties and taxes to payor of shipping charges
Bill shipping to third party

Break down bundles to core components
Do not notify marketplace of shipment
Do not prepay postage (Endicia)
Hold the order for...
Hold until ship by date
Hold until
Insure the Package

Mark order as gift

Mark order as shipped
Mark shipment as non machinable

Put Shopify additional detail in order field

Put All Shopify additional details in order field

Replace Address Field
Request Confirmation
Set Amazon FBA SKU
Set Amazon Fulfillment Method
Set Carrier/Service/Package
Set custom field 1
Set custom field 2
Set custom field 3
Set customs content type
Set customs document on order (international only)
Set deliver by date
Set dropship vendor
Set Insured Value
Set international non-delivery
Set multichannel fulfillment

Set orders gift message
Set package dimensions
Set payment type
Set Provider/Service/Package
Set the dry ice weight (UPS/FedEx)
Set the order as containing alcohol (FedEx)
Set the order as containing dry ice (UPS/FedEx)
Set the total order weight
Set warehouse
Show postage paid on the label
Stop processing rules for the order
Use a specific email template
Use a specific packing slip

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