Skubana uses Auto-Reorder rules to calculate when to auto-generate POs for your vendors for inventory replenishment purposes if the auto po generator feature is selected on your account.

To Create Auto-Reorder Rules

1. On the Inventory page, click the Master SKU that you would like to have an Auto-Reorder Rule.

2. On the Inventory Rules page, the Auto-Reorder Rules tab is open by default. Enter the required information that Skubana will use to automatically create POs for your vendors.

3. After you have all of the required information in place, click Calculate P.O. Estimates. This will then give you an estimate for your Purchase Orders. It will appear as follows:

4. Click Save.

To Create Auto-Reorder Rules in bulk: 

1. On the inventory page click import/export and select import reorder rules.

2. Download the template and fill it out.

3. Save the template and import it in by clicking on select and then pressing continue.

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