Setting up Purchase Order Templates

The purchase order template generated when sending and authorizing a P.O. can be customized. Once completed, vendors can share a common template or users can create specific P.O. templates per vendor.

To begin, go to the settings module and click on “P.O Templates” in the right hand side menu. Every account comes pre-loaded with a default template which cannot be edited or deleted. These defaults can be copied and saved as a new template to edit from there. Templates can also be built from scratch. To do so, click on “+ New Template” to start fresh. 

In addition to the regular default template there is also a dropship template here, which can be used for specific vendors if they are drop-shippers.
To insert these fields dynamic fields into the template, click on the any of the desired Field Replacements on the right.   

Users can also change the “FROM” email address so that the PO appears to be coming from a specific e-mail address and not Skubana by inputting the desired address in the box on the top left:

The field replacements options here are split into six sections:

  • Company
  • Vendor
  • Warehouse
  • Purchase Order
  • PO Items
  • Barcode Image

There are no required fields; users can choose to include the appropriate fields in your PO. The information will be filled in once the PO is generated by pulling the data indicated in the WYSISWYG (what you see is what you get) box.

The PO template itself is broken up into four portions:

  • PO Header
  • PO Items Headers
  • PO Items
  • PO Footer

For more advanced users, the templates support editing using HTML by clicking the “<> Toggle” button on the bottom of the window. Field replacements will insert using the {curly brace} syntax into this view as well.

These templates can be previewed by clicking on the “Preview” button in the bottom menu bar.

Please note: not all the fields will populate in the preview such as the image as it must be connected to an actual purchase order for it to pull the image.

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